Anointed Homes Art Foundation Creed

  1. We will approach High School Principals and Fine Art Teachers about Students who seriously have Artistic Gifts and desire to do Visual Art for a living.

  2. We will provide one on one opportunities with Steve Skipper whether through video or personal sit down

  3. We will ask not for a competition among the Artists but an audition to see if they are willing and able to be rewarded with a Fine Art Scholarship 

  4. Mr. Skipper will provide video motivation for not only Teachers but Parents and Students which will dispel myths that say a Fine Art career is impossible. The video will make understandable the importance of Fine Art motivation in the lives of those Gifted with God-given professional abilities 

  5. We believe that the removal of Fine Art from the lives of Children has produced idle minds which have resulted in the devil’s workshop and lives of crime and imprisonment. It’s imperative that we restore the need for these God-given Gifts which were designed and given to bless the world which is being assaulted by idle minds.