How to Help our Foundation

Steve Skipper

Anointed Homes Art Foundation
There’s a destiny calling each one of the Artists in which we will award scholarships. Each one of them is faced with preconceived stereotypes and myths that they can’t be professional artists. They can’t make a living being an Artist. Put their children through school or have anything left over to make a difference in the lives of children not from their immediate family.

I’ve disproven all of these stereotypes. Unfortunately, some come from well-meaning families who would have these great Artist bury their God-given Gifts under careers and employee of the month plaques.

I would like You to serve as donors, volunteers, or corporate sponsors to help us provide spiritual shovels allowing these young Artists to dig up the beautiful Gifts of Fine Art which will bless the world and touch the heart of God. Do everything possible to help them reach the heights that their Gifts will make room for them.

Feel free to call us at (205) 253-6360 or email us with any questions on our programs.