Classes with Steve Skipper

Interactive Class with Mr. Skipper

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We will create the opportunity for Students to interact with Mr. Skipper to not only Steve Skipper -Ed Brown Paintinglearn but to ask questions thus bolstering their strength in areas of Fine Art never realized and sharpening each other in the quest to earn a Fine Art Scholarship through the Foundation. When the Artist is not available personally, video instruction and motivation on several vital subjects will be available. 

The Name Of the Scholarship 

The Fine Art Scholarship awarded through Anointed Homes Art Foundation is named after Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie and Elnora Skipper. The Parents of the Founder. Both together and individually played pivotal roles in the life of our Founder. Mrs. Elnora H. Skipper was a tremendously strong Woman who exudes both joy and elegance that inspired her children to balance. Her determination to have her last Son after suffering the miscarriage of two before made it possible for God to provide our Founder and made it possible for Kids to receive this walk on the path to purpose. Mr. Johnnie Skipper taught our Founder the gift and edge of hard work. The tenacity to never quit and the personal love of a Father created the heart to see Kids succeed. This award is saturated in history, legacy, and honor. 

The Painters BrushNot For Every Art Student 

Mr. Skipper made it clear from the start that God had led him to seek out “The Beast”, meaning those Young artists determined to make a living and a Devine difference in Fine Art. Those who are willing to press toward the mark of excellence and God-given purpose. Those willing to defy stereotypes, both racial and indifferent to the Chosen and awarded indwelling of an undying and unadulterated Gift. “Every Student in an Art class does not want to be there. We are interested only in the ones who were born to be there”. 


The Award before the Scholarship 

Students showing great promise will be awarded the opportunity to visit with Mr. Skipper in his Studio during the production of a Painting to view in person things that can’t be taught. To observe the interaction with God while giving birth to Artwork purposed to bless the world. 

Foundation Artist Engagement