Message to Parents

“Dear Parents, I find myself in an incredible position. The position of my fourth-grade Teacher. She looked deep inside of me and recognized the hand of God in my life in the form of the great Gift of Fine Art. Teachers are Gifted like that. Able to look at a child and see something great. Even something that Parents may not see.

I’m excited to tell you what my Teacher told my Parents. You have been tremendously blessed with a great Child. A Child with exceptional ability is given to them by God. The ability deserves not only a celebration but nurturing. Nurturing by someone qualified and nurturing will lead to a professional Calling. A profession that will enable your child to make not only a good living but a lasting difference.

I’m ready willing and able to nurture your Child, as I am walking in that Professional Calling myself. My Mom didn’t think it was possible for me to make a living as a Fine Artist. She saw so many obstacles and roadblocks. She saw other races who would exercise opposition. She saw how much I didn’t know about business. She failed to see the God who had not only Gifted me, but She failed to see the relentless nature that He had placed inside of me. I’ve not only made a pretty good living but have sent four kids through School and am currently working on the fifth.

Steve Skipper

I’ve had the opportunity to donate over $150,000.00 to underprivileged Children through my Artwork and am ranked one of the top artists n the world with international distribution and currently a movie that documents God’s difference-making experience in my life.

I think that with the right effort your Child can do greater work than me. I can see the very hand of God which rest on my life on your Child’s life and am eager to disprove the stereotype that no one can make a living as a Fine Artist in this Country. I’m challenging you to join me in the encouragement and excitement over your Child’s Creative future which starts at Restoration Academy and the great things in which they will achieve in the world.

A purpose is a powerful thing. It means your Child was not a mistake. God purposely and intentionally sent them here to make a beautiful difference with that awesome Artistic Gift that they were given. There’s Scripture in the Bible that states how God knew us before we were formed in our Mother’s womb. He equipped us with everything we needed to be an unparalleled blessing to this dark world. I’m looking forward to standing next to you one day as your Child’s Artwork is unveiled before thousands and seeing the pride within the tears of joy that we shed together. God Bless and keep you and your great Family”.

Sincerely Yours, 

 Steve R. Skipper

Anointed Arts Foundation